Pat The Roc crosses up Camper!

BT - March 2, 2012

Pat The Roc does ridiculous moves on kid camper that volunteers to play defense.

Haywood leads Halifax hopes for all-star game

BT - March 1, 2012

Joey Haywood is the leading vote-getter among Halifax Rainmen after the first week of online voting for the all-stars of the National Basketball League of Canada. The six-foot-one guard from Vancouver, whose 13.8 points per game ranks second on the Rainmen and 16th in the league, had garnered 5,316 votes by early Tuesday evening to stand third overall on a list of 40 players nominated for the April 1 all-star game in Halifax. Fans seem to be leaning toward homegrown players when casting their ballot. Three of the top four vote-getters are Canadians, with Nick Lother of the Moncton Miracles the unlikely runaway leader. ..read more..

BoingVert: Boston College Dunk Show

BT - February 26, 2012

Boston College vs. Duke Show Teaser. Full Highlights will be posted later this week!!!

2012 NBA Sprite Dunk Showdown – All Dunks

BT - February 26, 2012

Kenny Dobbs takes the dunk title from Kasper, Airdogg, and Jonsey,

The Professor on Machinima Sports

BT - February 26, 2012

The Machinima Sports team caught up with former And 1 legend The Professor to find out about his new street ballin adventure, “Ball Up”

TFB new member Michael Blue aka “Blue”

BT - February 24, 2012

Michael Blue’s Team Flight Brothers Debut, Check out Blue along with TDub and Werm this Saturday at UCONN for the Syracuse/UCONN Half time show.

Airdogg Shatters Backboard off a Lob

BT - February 24, 2012

2012 And1 Live Tour Schedule

BT - February 23, 2012

KDobbs to put skills to the test during NBA All-Star Weekend

BT - February 23, 2012

Considered one of the best street-ball dunkers in the world, Kenny Dobbs is headed to Orlando to once again put his skills to the test. A finalist in the 2010 Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown, Dobbs broke his wrist on his second dunk. That ended his night. All healed and back in the game, Dobbs has invented a new dunk and he’ eager to show it off. Dobbs stopped by 3TV Wednesday morning to show Kaley O’Kelley what he’s got. The first round is determined by judges, but the final round, in which the two finalists complete two dunks each, is determined by fans via SMS text message. The number to send the text message to will be provided during the live stream of the contest on NBA.com, which starts at 4:25 p.m. EST Friday. ..watch video..

Houston’s Streetball Legend Dwayne “Legend” Rogers DVD Coming 2013

BT - February 22, 2012

Street ball legend Dwayne Rogers’s fame came because of his ability to play at the fonde rec center. With his 6’0 175 frame he had the ability to dominate a list of NBA players from 80, 90, 2000. It didn’t matter who it was from Michael Finley, Dennis Rodman, T.J. Ford, Daniel Gibson, Penny Hardaway, Sam Cassell, Kenny Smith and many more. Despite never playing in Middle School, High School, or college Dwayne could play with the best. Dwayne Rogers average 44pts a game and won 8 straight titles in the Houston pro-am. With his story of being somewhat of a hard head; Dwayne now realizes his mistakes and mishaps and now try’s to help the youth not to make the same mistakes he has made. Dwayne “Legend” Rogers story will show Dwayne, life, family and how he became one of the greatest street ball players of all time.