Tinsley goes through the legs

BT - March 21, 2012

Regardless of it being the NBA this play has streetball written all over it. Tinsley freezing Nazr Mohammed with a between the legs.

Jonsey 360 cuff scoop, BTL of the Wall and more

BT - March 17, 2012

New Jonsey clip. Check the first dunk as well, catching an ally-opp windmill with one hand.

Steven Mallory is a freak

BT - March 14, 2012

Steven Mallory is a freak

Guy Dupuy playing for Albany Legends 2012?

BT - March 11, 2012

As a world reknown dunking phenomenon, France native Guy Dupuy is looking to make the Albany Legends roster in 2012. Guy’s resume includes cameos as Easy J on the And 1 Streetball Tour and as a staple on Team Flight Brothers, an elite group of global throwdown artists. Tell the Legends what you think and Vote for Guy on the team’s facebook group page to see the talented jumper in action this spring!

Tom “Con-man” Connors aiming for Guinness World Record

BT - March 10, 2012

Entertaining thousands across the world with their basketball and football skills is just the tip of the iceberg for Streetball experts Tom Connors and Ash Randall — they also want to break 10 Guinness World Records this year.

Professor in Australia 2004

BT - March 7, 2012

Professor discusses his thoughts on his 2nd tour with And1 when him, 50 and High Octane tour to Australia for 3 on 3 exhibitions. They play kids champions, girls champions, then against the 3 on 3 mens champions of Australia.

TFB 5’9″ Jame Justice – Vote for him – NCAA Dunk Contest

BT - March 3, 2012

Help James get into the NCAA Slam Dunk Contest by voting here

James is one of the best dunkers in the country at a smaller school Martin Methodist College. He has some sick TFB Tricks up his sleeve for the College Dunk Contest.. Let’s make sure he gets there!

Tom Con-man Connors is back

BT - March 2, 2012

Be on the look out for Tom Con-man Connors this year in a new TV series and tour. Also be on the look out for a Conman vs Professor video, new webistes and videos on his youtube channel.

K1X NYC presents Iceball 3 on 3 at The Cage

BT - March 2, 2012

New York, NY — On Saturday, February 25th, German basketball brand K1X teamed up with Eric Henderson, founder of Iceball 3-on-3: Are the Skills Still Ill in the Wind Chill?, to host the 4th edition of the tournament. The action went down at West 4th Street (W. 4th & 6th Ave) also known as “The Cage” to streetball players, coaches, and fans everywhere.? ..read more..