Real Name: Randy Gill
Hometown: Washington DC
Position: Guard
Affiliations: EBC, SBA

Filmography: Streetball Season 1, New Legends of Streetball, Streetball Classics Volume 2

White Chocolate Workout

ohsopretty21 - April 9, 2010

White Chocolate brings us another look into what his workouts are ..comment..

White Chocolate, Alimoe in Vertfreak game

BT - April 8, 2009

Check out the White Chocolate and Alimoe highlights from the first Vertfreak Streetball game held earlier this year. Other players include Adam Linkenauger, Clint Ainsworth, There He Go, Rick Alderman and Germany Slick ..comment..

Off Season!!!!! Entry 2

BT - March 5, 2009
Back once again with another Off Season entry, just an update on what some of the more well known streetball players are doing in and around the globe. In this issue Skip to My Lou, James “Fly” Williams, Corey “Homicide” Williams, Anthony “Africa” Pimble, King Handles, Helicopter, White Chocolate, Quinton “T2″ Hosley and Seven & Sum Change. ..read more..

The Off Season!!!!! Entry 1

BT - January 22, 2009
Seeing as though the streetball season is still a few months away I thought I’d hit you with an update on what some of the more well know streetball players are doing in the off season. I’ll try and hit you up with one of these every now and then. If anyone has info on what other players are up to please feel free to share. In this issue King Handles, Helicopter, 8th Wonder, Homicide, Victor “Sky” Page, Majic, Seven & Sum Change, Steve Burtt, T2, White Chocolate, EZ Pass and Too hard to Guard. ..read more..

LACEMASTERS White Chocolate vs Sponge Bob

BT - December 23, 2007

Randy “White Chocolate” Gill vs Andrew The GIANT also known as Sponge Bob. In the BEST out of five 1 on 1 series. Andrew was named 2007 EBC America MVP for D.C. He got the best of New York playground legend Kenny Sat and others to give DC it’s first championship. ..view more..

Lacemasters – Homicide vs White Chocolate

BT - November 7, 2007

GLOBAL CHRONICLES takes you behind the scenes with White Chocolate and Homicide as they battle it out for who is the best guard in the LACEMASTERS camp. Taking trash talking to new levels. ENJOY and catch the next episode Bone Collector vs Hot Sauce. ..view the rest of the interview..

Streetballers showcase tricks of their trade

BT - July 25, 2005

A player dribbling a basketball between his legs is an impressive trick. But how about dribbling between the legs of an opponent? Or bouncing a pass off an opponent’s head? Or dunks dropped in so smoothly that they resemble routine layups? Some of the Treasure Coast’s best basketball players swallowed a heaping spoonful of humility as they squared off with three professional streetballers Saturday in a “HoopStar” three-on-three tournament. ..read more..