Real Name: Chris Young
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Born: 1980
Height: 6-0
Position: Guard
Affiliations: Dime55

Filmography: The Movement, Tru Baller – Return of the King, YPA The War

Tru Baller vs King Handles HIU Recap by All Day

BT - July 30, 2007

So friiday I get out there around 12:15 in the morning so I missed all the harbourfront action so I dunno about what happened there. Before I begin let me just say I got the upmost respect for these 2….So i wrote this not in favor of either…but in respect to both of them as players and people…both are very approachable and respectable human beings and should be judged on that before streetball. ..read more..

Streetball World Wide Show Down

BT - February 2, 2005

Come see the best ballers from around the world. They may come to your city, but they don’t put on a show like we do! Dunk Contest, DJs, Prize giveaways. May 28th, 2005. The best ballers in Street basketball come to Charlotte, NC for a night of family fun. Featuring.. Kit Kat, Tru Baller, C Murda, Hulk, Breathe Eazy, Unreal, Ghost, Booger, Jay 5, Disaster, Pogo.