Real Name: Earl Manigault
Hometown: NYC, New York
Born: September 7th 1944 – May 15th 1998
Height: 6″1
Position: Guard
Affiliations: Rucker Legend

Filmography: Rebound

10/04 – From the Hoop

BT - April 10, 2009

10/04 – From the Hoop
From the Hoop is a short 3D movie inspired by Earl “The Goat” Managault’s life on the streets of Harlem. In the short, Earl tries to escape his fears and malaise embodied by two satanic ballers. The chase ends up in the “holy place” of Rucker park where the Goat is challenged on the court by his two assailants. It becomes a furious battle for the small guard’s life as he reaches his salvation thanks to his basketball skills. ..comment..

Asphalt Gods : History of the Rucker Tournament

BT - September 27, 2004

The real basketball deal–the inside story of Harlem’s legendary tournament and the pros and playground legends who have made it world famous. Earl “The Goat” Manigault. Herman “Helicopter” Knowings. Joe “The Destroyer” Hammond. Richard “Pee Wee” Kirkland. These and dozens of other colorfully nicknamed men are the “Asphalt Gods,”whose astounding exploits in the Rucker Tournament, often against multimillionaire NBA superstars, have made them playground divinity. First established in the 1950s by Holcombe Rucker, a New York City Parks Department employee, the tournament has grown to become a Harlem institution, an annual summer event of major proportions. ..read more..

The Goat dies of heart failure

BT - July 14, 2004

Earl “The Goat” Manigault, the New York City playground basketball legend whose life was chronicled in an HBO movie two years ago, recently died of congestive heart failure at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan. He was 53. Affectionately nicknamed “The Goat” because many people could not pronounce his last name, Manigault, who stood 6’1″, earned his legendary status for doing such remarkable basketball stunts as once reverse dunking a ball 36 times in a row, and his Double Dunk, where he would slam the ball through a net, catch it as it dropped through the cords and, still airborne, dunk it again. Manigault, who played basketball in city parks with NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who once described Manigault as “the best player his size in the history of New York City,” never made the transition from the playgrounds to the NBA. ..read more..