Real Name: Rashid Byrd
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Height: 7-1
Position: Center
Affiliations: SBA

Filmography: Semi Pro

Off Season!!!!! Entry 2

BT - March 5, 2009
Back once again with another Off Season entry, just an update on what some of the more well known streetball players are doing in and around the globe. In this issue Skip to My Lou, James “Fly” Williams, Corey “Homicide” Williams, Anthony “Africa” Pimble, King Handles, Helicopter, White Chocolate, Quinton “T2″ Hosley and Seven & Sum Change. ..read more..

The Off Season!!!!! Entry 1

BT - January 22, 2009
Seeing as though the streetball season is still a few months away I thought I’d hit you with an update on what some of the more well know streetball players are doing in the off season. I’ll try and hit you up with one of these every now and then. If anyone has info on what other players are up to please feel free to share. In this issue King Handles, Helicopter, 8th Wonder, Homicide, Victor “Sky” Page, Majic, Seven & Sum Change, Steve Burtt, T2, White Chocolate, EZ Pass and Too hard to Guard. ..read more..

“Seven and Sum Change” is hoping to fly high”

BT - October 8, 2007

He wants to be big-time, to have his talents seen on the grandest of levels and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. In at least one way, Rashid Byrd has already done just that. The 7-foot-1 center and relative unknown at Kings training camp this week is fresh off a different kind of tryout, a six-month experience that also involved basketball but also came with much less pressure and far more laughs. ..read more..