Real Name: Maurice Jones
Hometown: Florida
Position: Guard
Affiliations: Dime55, I Keep It Local

Filmography: C-Stan Mixtape – F.O.C.U.S, Dime – The Movement, YPA The War

Kit Kat Play of the Day

BT - April 18, 2009

Maurice “Kit Kat” Jones from I Keep it Local Streetball is one of the most deceptive ball handlers in the game, we’ve seen him do things like this to all types of defenders all across the country. ..comment..

KitKat Interview

BT - July 6, 2007

With KitKats new DVD the Application in the works sb.net caught up with the man to see what he’s been up to
BT. What’s up KitKat thanks for dropping by. As far as the internet scene is concerned you’ve been a little quiet lately, what have you been up to?
KitKat. I just been working on my game harddd bro,real hard.. alot of people don’t do that, but that’s all I been doing all this time, people aint been seeing new clips of me. Training hard in the gym, I do 5 hours at least in the gym every single day..the max I do in the gym is 8 ½ hours and that’s like 2-3 days out of the week. ..read more..

Streetball World Wide Show Down

BT - February 2, 2005

Come see the best ballers from around the world. They may come to your city, but they don’t put on a show like we do! Dunk Contest, DJs, Prize giveaways. May 28th, 2005. The best ballers in Street basketball come to Charlotte, NC for a night of family fun. Featuring.. Kit Kat, Tru Baller, C Murda, Hulk, Breathe Eazy, Unreal, Ghost, Booger, Jay 5, Disaster, Pogo.