The Off Season!!!!! Entry 1

BT - January 22, 2009
Seeing as though the streetball season is still a few months away I thought I’d hit you with an update on what some of the more well know streetball players are doing in the off season. I’ll try and hit you up with one of these every now and then. If anyone has info on what other players are up to please feel free to share. In this issue King Handles, Helicopter, 8th Wonder, Homicide, Victor “Sky” Page, Majic, Seven & Sum Change, Steve Burtt, T2, White Chocolate, EZ Pass and Too hard to Guard. ..read more..

‘Bounce’s 1st Annual NYC All-Street Team For Summer 2007!

BT - October 1, 2007

Now that the summer is officially over, Bounce Magazine presents to you their NYC All-Street Selections. Voters included Sean Couch and Bobbito Garcia (co-founders, Bounce Magazine), Samera “BallGurl” Marsh (www.bouncemag.com), Rickey Rivers (Fireball/Funsport), Bernard Bowen (Referee Assignor), Edgar Burgos (MSG-TV “Summerball” Producer), Paul “PR” Rivera (Nike-NYC Brand Manager), Sid Jones (United Brooklyn Coach), Antonio Brimmer (Referee), Christian Grant-Fields (Dime Magazine). Others were invited but unable to participate; we hope to include them next time around. ..read more..

RocStars win EBC at Rucker Park Championship

BT - August 20, 2007

The RocStars, a team sponsored by Rocsi from BET’s 106 and Park music video countdown show, took home the ‘chip at ‘55th. Led by their brilliant straight buckets back court of Kenny “Serious Satt-ellite” Satterfield and Kemba “EZ Pass” Walker, the champs controlled the game from jump ball to finish. They played well together all summer long and demonstrated that they were EBC’s best team last night. ..read more..