Real Name: Ishmael Abdus-Salaam
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Born: 1985
Height: 5-8
Position: Guard
Affiliations: YPA, Street Handles

Filmography: Street Handles “”Phoenix’s Finest”, YPA The War

Street Handles “We Do This” Online Mixtape

BT - February 11, 2008

Street Handles is back with their new online mixtape “We Do This” featuring Caution, Juice, Hawk and Exile. Other featured ballers include King Handles, B.C and D-Mar. Edited by MAD from Nolimitz. ..view more..

Street Handles “Phoenix’s Finest” DVD out now

BT - July 20, 2007

You’ve seen the series, prepare for the DVD. With all new unseen footage from Caution, Juice, Hawk, D-Mar, BC and Ghostridah, Street Handles is here to lay it down. Witness streetball in its rawest form with some of the nastiest Dunks and Ankle Breakers caught on tape. Phoenix’s Finest Streetball DVD is a 50 minute film guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Other featured players include Exile, Kodak and J Work. ..read more..

Street Handles “Phoenix’s Finest” Mixtape Trailer!

BT - January 16, 2007

You’ve seen the series, prepare for the DVD. With all new unseen footage of Caution, Juice, Hawk, D-Mar and many more the tape will contain the nastiest Ankle Breakers and dunks that you’ve ever seen. The Street Handles “Phoenix’s Finest” Mixtape is currently a work in progress and will be available for purchase on their myspace page in the near future. ..Click here for a download link and to comment..

Street Handles 4

BT - November 1, 2006

Street Handles is back with thier 4th installment of the famous Street Handles series. Featured players include Snap Shot and Launch aswell as YPA’s Caution and Juice who are currently touring with the 2006 Still Ballin Streetball Tour. Music Center of Attention by Babu The Dilated Junkie. ..view more..

The Still Ballin Streetball Tour 2006

BT - September 17, 2006

The Still Ballin Tour hits courts across the country this fall, featuring some of the biggest names on the scene. Fronting the Still Ballin Tour is streetballer Exile, and 757. Joining them are other high-profile ballers such as Caution, Juice, Flight, Oh No and Tha Gift. We are excited to be able to bring the tour through the Southwest. ..read more..

Streetball Face off – YPA vs NAYEF

BT - July 5, 2005

featuring Hook Mitchell, Exile, Remix, G.T., King Handles, D-Train, The Show, Ghostridah, CG, Mr Butler, Caution, Juice

YPA War 2 – Pre-Order Today

BT - April 6, 2005

Witness how YPA battles to keep streetball alive and wage war on supremecy. You will see the highest flying dunks, new moves and legendary battles from the best streetballers in the game today. This DVD also includes footage from the YPA Players Ball that features the most popular streetballers from your favourite crews. YPA isn’t protecting anyone in their crew and coming out bustin on anybody to stop them no matter how big they are.