Alfredo Tovar Interview

BT - June 30, 2006

With Aplus films new MadGameHoops West Coast Basketball DVD soon to be released streetballin.net caught up with Alfredo Tovar aka Aplus to get the low down on whats happening with him, his company and MadGameHoops.


BT. Firstly I have to congratulate you on a superb mixtape.I saw the new DVD and I was really impressed. The editing was real nice and there were a lot crazy highlights on there.
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Breathe Eazy Interview

BT - March 30, 2006

With handles, moves, hops and a pure jump shot Kendall “Breathe Eazy” Butler is widely regarded as one of the best underground streetballers in the game today. The 6’3 shooting guard has been holding down The Streetball Fanatics and the Nassau Bahamas basketball scene for a minute now and looks to take his game to the US. Check out the interview I did with the man better known as B.E.Z.

BT: Whats up B.E.Z I just caught your new clip “Asleep” and I have to say it was pure fire. Seems like your one of the only ballers around that works on all parts of your game. ..read more..

King Handles Interview

BT - June 6, 2005

Joel “King Handles” Haywood, Vancouver Streetballer and Notic Legend is one of the hottest streetballers out right now. Considered by some as the fastest dribbler on the planet, Joey’s handles have not only impressed his fans but the likes of YPA who he now rolls with. Here’s an exclusive interview I did with Joey.

BT: First up I want to congratulate you on the big win you had against the team And1 put together the other week. It’s good to see some of the Notic players getting together and busting ass. ..read more..

Exile Interview

BT - July 18, 2004

There is so much talk about YPA and And1. Some speculate that and1 doesn’t want other streetball companies rising so they try to hate. There are others that say YPA is riding on And1′s coat tails to blow up. Both fans are all riled up and angry at each other and opposing sides. How this beef between and1 and YPA got started no one really knows, but the fact is the real victim is Exile. throughout this whole fued he hasn’t said a word. . we asked him to do an interview last week and he chose to wait because of the possibility of them no showing him a positive light on the espn show. there was some scenes that showed tampering, other footage showed what roberto “exile” yong was capable of. he finally agreed to tell his side. ..read more..