Real Name: Tim Gittens
Hometown: Harlem, NYC
Born: January 27th 1976
Height: 6-3
Position: Guard
Affiliations: And1, Harlem Globetrotters

Filmography: And1 Mixtape Volume 2, And1 Mixtape Volume 3, And1 Mixtape Volume 4, And1 Mixtape Volume 5, And1 Mixtape Volume 6, And1 Mixtape Volume 7, And1 Ball Access, Streetball Season 1, EBC Season 1, EBC Season 2, Inner City Streetball 1, Streetball Confidential

2008 L.A Lights Streetball Allstar Game

BT - September 15, 2008

The 2008 LA Lights Streetball Tournament kicked off on the 22nd of August last month featuring some of Indonesia’s best streetball players. Check out the highlight clip from the Allstar game featuring Ill Be Right Back, Special FX, Professor and Headache. ..comment.. ..view in high resolution

2007 L.A Lights Streetball Allstar game feat. Headache

BT - September 25, 2007

This was a game I played in a few weeks back in Jakarta. I capped this of TV last night so just letting everyone know I didn’t edit this one. I would never put a Coolio song in a mix I make. The game itself was hype I can tell you that but the editing and the fact that they didn’t show all the hightlights made it seem gay. ..view more..