Real Name: Mike Zanidean
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Born: 1985
Height: 6-3
Position: Guard
Affiliations: Dime55, Hustle Up Streetball Tour

Filmography: Dime – The Movement, Tru Baller – Return of the King, YPA The War

Ghost DVD sneak peek

ohsopretty21 - April 24, 2009

Here is the snippet as promised. Now the section is 2 parts Ghost part and No joke. There is about 15 seconds from each players section. ..comment..

Ghost, Killa, and Prince in Montreal

BT - April 1, 2009

Check out Ghost, Killa, and Prince in this keehs production. Footage is from the montreal streetball tour a few weeks back. ..comment..

Ghost & Caution reppin Street Handles

BT - March 25, 2009

Check out Ghost & Caution tearing it up in their new Street Handles clip. Also check out the extra bonus clip posted ..here..

Ghost Interview

BT - November 24, 2007

With his new website www.Ghoststreetball.com up and running we caught up with Ghost to see whats good with him his crew and his recent success on the streetball circut.
BT: What’s up Ghost thanks for dropping by to answer some questions
Ghost: No problem my man, i appreciate it, Anytime.

BT: You’re new website ghoststreetball.com is now up and running and I have to say its looking real nice, tell us a little about it and what we can expect to see on it in the future. ..read more..

The Ghost Diaries

BT - May 29, 2006

Thanks to Mike for helping us out with a new feature on streetballin.net. This summer is going to be a busy for the Dime55 member so he’ll be keeping us up to date with whats going on in his life as a streetball player.
What’s Up people, well this is my first entry to my streetballin.net diary and i’m excited to see how this goes.Its 2 am and I just got off the internet talking to my boy, van city’s own, Yash about some goal setting. I got a pretty big summer coming up consisting of: London hoop it up, Toronto hoop it up, Montreal hoop it up, buffalo hoop it up, Philadelphia hoop it up, Top gun Molson Indy tournament, nyce tournament, and a few more local Toronto tournaments. ..read more..

Streetball at Princeton

BT - April 26, 2005

“Blood, sweat and tears” gets a new meaning:
Princeton’s 2nd Annual 3vs3 Charity Streetball Tournament a big success in its second edition. If you weren’t there, you missed it. You missed it! A crowd of around 350 people didn’t miss it and they got to see the best Streetball action Jersey has to offer.DJ Skeet Dawg, a popular college DJ here in Jersey, was spinnin’ the turntables and puttin’ on some nice Rap, Hip Hop, Dancehall mix. Mad nice I’m telling ya. We had Ghost and C-Stan from Dime, Handlez and 4D from Local as well as Whole Lotta Game and the Commissioner’s Son from the Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC). ..read more..

Streetball World Wide Show Down

BT - February 2, 2005

Come see the best ballers from around the world. They may come to your city, but they don’t put on a show like we do! Dunk Contest, DJs, Prize giveaways. May 28th, 2005. The best ballers in Street basketball come to Charlotte, NC for a night of family fun. Featuring.. Kit Kat, Tru Baller, C Murda, Hulk, Breathe Eazy, Unreal, Ghost, Booger, Jay 5, Disaster, Pogo.