Real Name: Rory Grace
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Born: 1987
Height: 5-8
Position: Guard
Affiliations: The Notic

Filmography: Streetball Season 1, Streetball Season 2, Notic 1, Notic 2

The Notic: North Stars

BT - December 4, 2005

It’s been four years since the Grizzlies skipped town. For Vancouver, it was an experiment that failed miserably. Stevie Franchise punked the city before he got drafted, and Big Country never lost enough weight. Looking back, Brian Winters and Stu Jackson never had a chance. Today, it’s a forgotten city among NBA heads. ..read more..

Streetball World Wide Show Down

BT - February 2, 2005

Come see the best ballers from around the world. They may come to your city, but they don’t put on a show like we do! Dunk Contest, DJs, Prize giveaways. May 28th, 2005. The best ballers in Street basketball come to Charlotte, NC for a night of family fun. Featuring.. Kit Kat, Tru Baller, C Murda, Hulk, Breathe Eazy, Unreal, Ghost, Booger, Jay 5, Disaster, Pogo.