Real Name: Colin Stanton
Hometown: Harleysville, Phillidelphia
Born: 1988
Position: Guard
Affiliations: Dime55

Filmography: C-Stan Mixtape – F.O.C.U.S, Dime – The Movement

C-Stan’s Remain Humble

BT - May 13, 2008

C-Stan is back with his latest mixtape “Remain Humble”.
“Thank you to those who made this tape possible…and the countless people who influenced it (inspiration circulates) I truly appreciate it.”
Peace, Colin . ..comment..

C-Stan – Runnin’ with Shaq

BT - August 5, 2005

In the back of some athlete’s mind there’s always a thought that he is better than the professional athlete he just spent $150 to watch. But even further in that wishful mind lies the reality that a chance to prove it will never come. Unless you’re 17-year-old Colin Stanton, aka “C-Stan.” Stanton, a scrawny streetballer from Harleysville. ..read more..

Streetball at Princeton

BT - April 26, 2005

“Blood, sweat and tears” gets a new meaning:
Princeton’s 2nd Annual 3vs3 Charity Streetball Tournament a big success in its second edition. If you weren’t there, you missed it. You missed it! A crowd of around 350 people didn’t miss it and they got to see the best Streetball action Jersey has to offer.DJ Skeet Dawg, a popular college DJ here in Jersey, was spinnin’ the turntables and puttin’ on some nice Rap, Hip Hop, Dancehall mix. Mad nice I’m telling ya. We had Ghost and C-Stan from Dime, Handlez and 4D from Local as well as Whole Lotta Game and the Commissioner’s Son from the Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC). ..read more..