Team NIKE: Episode 7 – The Main Event

BT - July 27, 2011

The Main Event: After all the talk and hype, the Game of The Decade had finally arrived: Team NIKE versus Team Ooh Way Records. During a pre-game meeting, Coach Bingo rallied his Team NIKE troops inside Harlem’s Boulevard ICE for a pep talk to prepare his crew. As game-time slowly approached, both teams arrived to the most populated Dyckman Park crowd in the history of the league’s existence. After a few delays, the players were finally able to get on the court and take care of business for their teams. Team Ooh Way Records Coach Tony Rosa had his players in full attack mode, as the two heavyweight teams traded buckets all night long. During the final moments of this historic matchup, the crowd was able to witness history as Corey “The Priceless One” Fisher sealed the upset and victory over the previously undefeated Team NIKE. Fingers were pointed and excuses were made: the Boys in Black were taken out of their element, didn’t play as a team, and didn’t play with their signature high-level defensive tenacity. Despite any reasons for the loss, one thing is for certain – Team NIKE’s goal for a perfect summer was ruined.

Team NIKE: Episode 6 – Calm Before The Storm

BT - July 26, 2011

Calm Before The Storm: The Rodney Park game against Team NIKE was not the matchup all of New York City wanted to see. But because a schedule is a schedule, the game was played and the Dyckman crowd witnessed that Rodney Park was not physically or mentally prepared to hit the court against the 10 reppin’ The Swoosh. The Boys in Black played a near perfect game while their opponents struggled all night long. As soon as Anthony “Africa” Pimble threw down his windmill slam to end the blowout victory, the whole city shifted their focus towards the following week’s Game of The Decade versus Ooh Way Records. Days before the actual showdown, the Dyckman League staff began to distribute game tickets to the fans who ventured uptown into the Heights. Meanwhile a little further downtown, Allan “Shep” Sheppard and Keydren “Kee Kee” Clark are spotted enjoying their downtime by walking through Harlem and picking out their tuxedos for Kee Kee’s wedding. It was all good just a week ago.

Team NIKE: Episode 5 – Game of The Decade

BT - July 18, 2011

Game of The Decade: Ooh Way Records’ Corey “Homicide” Williams and rapper Jadakiss scout Team NIKE’s recent blowout wins and are impressed with what they see. The Boys in Black are at a comfortable 5-0 record and their team chemistry is at an all time high. While Team NIKE is sitting pretty at the top of the Dyckman standings, Ooh Way Records isn’t scared as they’re carrying a full arsenal of talent. Ooh Way Records’ Tony Rosa, Oun P, Sunny, and Cory Gunz (Young Money artist and friend of Homicide) preview the players that will be suiting up opposite of Team NIKE that includes Homicide, Ron “Metta World Peace” Artest, Dwight “Top Shelf” Hardy, Darren “DP” Phillip, Jeremy Hazell and Nakia “Fabulous” Miller. Streetball history will be made at Dyckman Park on July 20, 2011. Where else would you wanna be?

Team NIKE: Episode 4 – Lights Are On, Time To Perform

BT - July 12, 2011

Lights Are On, Time To Perform: Keydren “Kee Kee” Clark finally gets his Team NIKE uniform as the 2-0 crew take on the young and hungry JTA squad. The Boys in Black face their first real test from their feisty Dyckman opponents, but Kee Kee comes through in the clutch with a couple of big shots to put JTA away. One of the team’s veteran leaders, Anthony “I Robot” Glover, and his wife, reflect on what was needed to pull out that victory. As Team NIKE improves to an undefeated 3-0 record, trouble begins to surface as a new heavyweight challenge appears in the horizon. Team Ooh Way looks to be another juggernaut squad; loaded with talent and even equipped with their own theme music.

Team NIKE: Episode 3 – Nothing Easy

BT - July 5, 2011

Nothing Easy: In their second game of the summer, Team NIKE takes on the defending Dyckman champs, Take No Prisoners. A game billed by many to be a close one, turns out to be another victory for Coach Bingo and crew. Tempers sizzle on the court when Team NIKE begins to pull ahead, but nothing is hotter than the veteran play of Antawn “Anti Freeze” Dobie and Quinton “T2″ Hosley. As Team NIKE improved to a 2-0 record, they then get a surprise homecoming flight from Keydren “Kee Kee” Clark. With Kee Kee back home in New York, Team NIKE finally has their missing link and is now united as a full ten man squad.

Team NIKE: Episode 1 – Home Grown

BT - June 23, 2011

Home Grown: Team NIKE is assembled and everyone in New York City is immediately surprised to see that Adris “Too Hard To Guard” DeLeon is on the roster. As a homegrown Dyckman product, DeLeon is referred to as the neighborhood’s favorite son. He has absolutely destroyed any competition that has played on that court in these past few years. His game and name was developed and made in that park. Dyckman Park is Too Hard To Guard’s park. Now that he’s on a new team, Adris has to learn how to share that park with his nine new Team NIKE teammates. Watch as it all unfolds this summer over at www.nikebasketball.com.

‘Bounce’s 1st Annual NYC All-Street Team For Summer 2007!

BT - October 1, 2007

Now that the summer is officially over, Bounce Magazine presents to you their NYC All-Street Selections. Voters included Sean Couch and Bobbito Garcia (co-founders, Bounce Magazine), Samera “BallGurl” Marsh (www.bouncemag.com), Rickey Rivers (Fireball/Funsport), Bernard Bowen (Referee Assignor), Edgar Burgos (MSG-TV “Summerball” Producer), Paul “PR” Rivera (Nike-NYC Brand Manager), Sid Jones (United Brooklyn Coach), Antonio Brimmer (Referee), Christian Grant-Fields (Dime Magazine). Others were invited but unable to participate; we hope to include them next time around. ..read more..