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King Handles to play for Canada?

BT - May 30, 2008

Canada’s senior men’s basketball team, which has not competed at home in six years, will play host to a five-game tournament in advance of the Olympic qualifying tournament a few weeks later in Athens, Greece. The local tournament, the Jack Donohue International Classic, will feature Lebanon, New Zealand and Canada, three teams that are preparing for Athens. ..read more..

Homicide Interview

BT - May 25, 2008

With the European basketball season ending and the NYC streetball summer fast approaching sb.net caught up with Corey Williams to see whats new with the man they call “Homicide”
BT: What’s up Corey, thanks for dropping by to answer some questions…
Homicide: Thanks for granting me the interview Brad, ..read more..

Daze Mixtape – Breaking the Mold

BT - May 18, 2008

Due to countless setbacks Daze Streetball Crew has released their upcoming DVD to the public as an online mixtape.
“We wanted to get the footage out before it got any older. The footage is 1-5 years old, Comments appreciated.” ..comment..

C-Stan’s Remain Humble

BT - May 13, 2008

C-Stan is back with his latest mixtape “Remain Humble”.
“Thank you to those who made this tape possible…and the countless people who influenced it (inspiration circulates) I truly appreciate it.”
Peace, Colin . ..comment..

And1 Volume 10

BT - May 10, 2008

The 10th volume takes it back to the streets, where it all started. Crash the courts with And1′s best as they take on ballers from DC, Indy, Houston and LA in this slammin’ selection of the tightest moves from the “United Streets of America” tour. Relive the greatest moments from all ten years as today’s crew look back at the best of what Volumes 1-9 had to offer. ..read more..