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DC Wins EBC America 2007

BT - August 30, 2007

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to quiet the stereotypical loud-mouthed New Yorker is to beat one of the city’s sports teams. A team comprised of players from the District and surrounding areas did that and more last week by winning the storied Entertainers Basketball Classic America tournament in Harlem, N.Y. The streetball tournament known in many basketball circles as ‘‘The Rucker” is held annually at Holcombe Rucker Memorial Park. ..read more..

Ball4Real NYC Recap by Salt718

BT - August 27, 2007

Got to the block party around 1:30. There were only 7 people there around this time. Other years, you’d see mad heads there around 1. As more people arrived, the music started bumping, it was just like any other year. I seen familiar faces at the Truth truck, people handing stuff out, pretty much the same atmosphere as any other And1 open run in my opinion. They also had the Dipskate crew out there doing their thing. For those of you who have never heard of them, Dipskate is a rollerblading crew signed to Dipset records and they release DVD’s with their music and etcetera. ..read more..

Riot at Mall after And1 Oakland game

BT - August 20, 2007

A mall in the suburbs east of San Francisco has reopened after a large group of teens and young adults stormed the shopping center following the And1 Oakland Streetball exhibition, police said. About 200 young people streamed out of makeshift bleachers and into the Southland Mall on Saturday afternoon, yanking clothes off hangers, kicking merchandise and overturning displays, police Lt. Mark Koller said. ..read more..

RocStars win EBC at Rucker Park Championship

BT - August 20, 2007

The RocStars, a team sponsored by Rocsi from BET’s 106 and Park music video countdown show, took home the ‘chip at ‘55th. Led by their brilliant straight buckets back court of Kenny “Serious Satt-ellite” Satterfield and Kemba “EZ Pass” Walker, the champs controlled the game from jump ball to finish. They played well together all summer long and demonstrated that they were EBC’s best team last night. ..read more..

Riding With Grayson Boucher

BT - August 16, 2007

A notable “Riding With” first was established with Grayson Boucher, who most people know as The Professor from the And1 Mixtape Tour, the modern-day Harlem Globetrotters. Boucher, whose gifted ball-handling has made him a cult celebrity, is the first sports figure to use a rental car in the occasional Page 2 series where we interview athletes in their cars. Boucher’s real car is a 2005 Mercedes-Benz E-500. Unfortunately the Benz had yet to be shipped from Portland, Ore. .read more..

Ball4real Buffalo Recap by iimanningii

BT - August 13, 2007

Yo wuts up just got back from buffalo today, had a really good time. Definitly the best and1/ball4real kind of game i’ve ever been to in the 4 or 5 years of going. Started out by arriving in buffalo at the greyhound station to pick up my boy Ghost. (yeah ghost as in ghoststreetball.com) First time i’ve really met him in real life and let me tell you, he’s a real cool dude, funny as hell, always clownin, and seems like he would do anything for anyone. He brought along 2 of his friends, Last Chance was one of them. (he got game too) neways. ..read more..

King Handles Interview

BT - August 12, 2007

With the 2007 streetball season in full effect we caught up with Joey “King Handles” Heywood to find out how his summer is going.
BT. What’s Up Joey. Thanks for stopping by, first up I just want to congratulate you on making the Ball4real bus this year. I’ve watched you since the early days of the Notic and its good to finally see you on the big stage.
KH. Thanks Brad, I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten since The Notic days and especially while I was on the bus. I’ve come a long way since 5, 6 years ago when this whole thing started and I’m almost there. ..read more..

And1 Tour takes hoops back to the streets

BT - August 9, 2007

The first sentence of the And1 Mixtape tour game rules reads: “this is not your typical basketball game.” And it isn’t. The And1 Mixtape Tour is streetball at its finest, basketball dripping with the hip-hop influence. While the NBA has invoked a dress code, in what many believe is a direct attack on the hip hop culture, the And1 tour has done the opposite. One of its slogans, “The United Streets of America,” speaks to the very core of urban America. ..read more..

Ball4real Cleveland Recap by iimanningii

BT - August 9, 2007
Whats good everyone, I hit up Cleveland yesterday. Started out getting there about an hour early, not the usual environment like at the And1 open runs, there wasnt really a big crowd of people with people dribbing and stuff. Instead it was just a few of us standing there watchin them set up the block party and i was dribbling around a little. They finally let us in and right off i notice that there isnt as many tents set up as there used to be. they didnt have a hoop set up on the side for people to play 1on1 and stuff like that, ..read more..

Bone Collector vs Silk

BT - August 6, 2007

This is a Statement from Bone Collectors camp not LACEMASTERS. This is all the baskets scored from the moment Bone Collector gets up from the trip. The only thing that is not there is one foul, Silk tying up his sneakers and BC calling a 30 sec time out after he missed the shot when they both took there shirts off”. ..read more..