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Sean Bell’s memory alive in hoops

BT - July 16, 2007

On the sideline but always in the game. The best heckler they ever knew. That’s how the neighborhood crew remembers its friend, Sean Bell, the unarmed man who died Nov. 25 in a barrage of police bullets just hours before he was to marry the mother of his two young daughters. The sidelines are less raucous now, but those sitting courtside can still hear his name. It’s blared over loudspeakers whenever the DDN/Sean Bell All-Stars – a basketball team assembled by his friends from Jamaica, Queens – take to the playgrounds at various tournaments throughout the city. ..read more..

“Bad Santa” finds redemption on the court

BT - July 16, 2007

Kenny Brunner can finally be himself on and off the court. The muscular, hardcore, professional street-baller recently signed a two-year, six-figure contract and shoe deal with And1, got married, purchased a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood, went from driving a Ford Bronco to a Lexus GS300 that rolls on 21s, and he can now afford to send his son to college. Right now, he is the vocal leader of Play2Win in the Southern California Summer Pro League, the two-time defending champions. ..read more..

Streetball back in great outdoors

BT - July 14, 2007

There are always a few good ways to tell when summer has arrived. The days get longer but, dreadfully, hotter; kids often roam neighborhoods in search of a cure for boredom, and, well, quite simply, it’s hot. But for hoop heads, summer officially arrives once the heat waves above the playground blacktops become more visible and streetball is in full swing. Today, the AND1 Mix Tape Tour invades Penns Landing, as it continues through its 10-city summerlong tour, featuring some of the world’s best streetball players. ..read more..

Stinson ready to rock Rucker

BT - July 12, 2007
Nicknames are woven into the lore of the Entertainers Basketball Classic as much as Rucker Park’s famous red-and-green court. Some monikers highlight a player’s physical appearance. Others champion an individual’s game. Curtis Stinson’s alias falls into neither category. Dubbed “Hardest Worker” by an EBC public address announcer, the Bronx product said he earned the title by laboring on the playground and toiling in the gym ..read more..

Problem Solver – Melvin Creddle

BT - July 11, 2007

Melvin Creddle has been exposed. The “Problem Child” has been wreaking havoc on the streets of New York, and his identity can not be concealed any longer. Creddle, a native of Newark, N.J., has been dominating the New York City streetball leagues after years of playing on the other side of the Hudson River. His scoring barrage includes a 52-point effort last week and 38 points, including 29 in the second half, on Tuesday at Pro City for undefeated Prime Time. ..read more..

What’s going on at Kingdome?

BT - July 10, 2007

While the rumors of handgun violence are slightly exaggerated, Harlem’s Kingdome Classic is definitely experiencing homicidal tendencies. The Kingdome Classic is Harlem’s oldest tournament and arguably the most popular pro-am on the New York City circuit this summer. Damon Dash has taken over the event and cross-promoted it in ads and apparel from his line of PRO-Keds this year, giving the games a boost in exposure. ..read more..

Silk speaks after 3 years

BT - July 9, 2007

You’ve heard one side of the story now its time to hear the other. Silk finally speaks after 3 years about that SBA street basketball game in Baltimore, Maryland with him vs Bone Collector. ..click to watch..

Daze Streetball Allstar Game 2007

BT - July 8, 2007

Daze StreetBall Crew is hosting a streetball all-star game featuring some of the hottest underground streetballers from all over North America. The game will feature players seen on ESPN’s Streetball, YPA2, as well as members of DAZE, Manic, Local Mixtapes, D.E.D., Mid-Mo Ballers and Pretty Syk Mixtape. Come check out the game and see brand new, mind blowing moves, the fastest handles, craziest crosses and passes, and high-flying, acrobatic, rim rattling dunks. ..read more..

West 4th Street Pro Basketball Classic

BT - July 7, 2007
2007 marks New York’s classic basket ball tournament’s 30th year as the prestigious competition in street basketball. In celebration of this milestone, on July 7 th from 2pm – 8 pm, the basketball tournament will host an All Star Games for the High School Boys and Pro Men Divisions, VIP Barbeque, the Conrad McNasty Slam Dunk Contest, 3 Point Shoot Out, crowd participated games, live Performances, guest speakers, special guest celebrities and Reflections, to honor former players, long time fans and associates. ..read more..

KitKat Interview

BT - July 6, 2007

With KitKats new DVD the Application in the works sb.net caught up with the man to see what he’s been up to
BT. What’s up KitKat thanks for dropping by. As far as the internet scene is concerned you’ve been a little quiet lately, what have you been up to?
KitKat. I just been working on my game harddd bro,real hard.. alot of people don’t do that, but that’s all I been doing all this time, people aint been seeing new clips of me. Training hard in the gym, I do 5 hours at least in the gym every single day..the max I do in the gym is 8 ½ hours and that’s like 2-3 days out of the week. ..read more..