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Tru Baller vs King Handles HIU Recap by All Day

BT - July 30, 2007

So friiday I get out there around 12:15 in the morning so I missed all the harbourfront action so I dunno about what happened there. Before I begin let me just say I got the upmost respect for these 2….So i wrote this not in favor of either…but in respect to both of them as players and people…both are very approachable and respectable human beings and should be judged on that before streetball. ..read more..

Ball4Real Charlotte Recap by ogncballer

BT - July 27, 2007

Either you’ll love it or you’ll hate it. Ball4real is definitely going its own way with streetball. While the other company thinks that concrete and heat is the cure for streetball, ball4real clearly thinks the answers in the style of play and the ball don’t lie. The block party was the same as any of the other block parties you saw on the old tour. Same Mt. Dew truck, same greyhound bus, same truth truck and all the sweltering summer heat you can stomach. ..read more..

Above & Beyond Interview

BT - July 27, 2007

You would think at 30 years old just being able to dunk would be an accomplisment, try telling that to Wayne “Above & Beyond” Clarke. The 6’3 New Jersey native with a 51 inch vert is not only considered one of the top dunkers on the planet but he’s also setting world records as well. We caught up with Wayne to see what he’s been up to.

BT. What’s Up Wayne. Thanks for stopping by, for those people out there who haven’t heard of you before can you run us through your resume and some of the things you’ve accomplished in your career? ..read more..

NBA 2K8 Motion Capture at Rucker Park

BT - July 26, 2007

Today publisher 2K Sports proudly announces that they will hold the first nighttime, outdoor motion capture event for NBA®2K8 on Wednesday, July 25, 2007. The event is co-hosted by the Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC) and will take place in New York City at Harlem’s famed Rucker Park. Featured athletes include NBA 2K8′s cover athlete Chris Paul, as well as other NBA stars such as Andre Iguodala, Gerald Green, Gerald Wallace and Rudy Gay. ..read more..

Hawk Interview

BT - July 25, 2007

With the Street Handles “Phoenix’s Finest” DVD now available we caught up with Michael Hawkins aka Hawk to find out whats good with him, his DVD and his experience on the Ball4real bus this year.
BT. Whats Up Hawk, thanks for dropping by to answer some questions.
Hawk. What’s up man, thanks for having me.
BT. Even though we saw you on the And1 show in 2003 your fairly new to the streetball scene. What have some of your achievements been over the last few years? ..read more..

Ball4real vs The Goodman League All-Stars

BT - July 23, 2007

A sold out crowd was on hand at the BF Coliseum Saturday evening in SE DC to witness the double header action. Slam Magazine was on the premises. DJ Stormin’ Norman was pumpin the sounds as two games featuring The Family versus Drama Detailing and the main event The Goodman League All Stars versus Ball4Real. The highlight of the evening was Stephon Marbury aka Mr. Starbury coming to Washington to promote and give away 200 pairs of his new “Starbury” sneakers. ..read more..

Street Handles “Phoenix’s Finest” DVD out now

BT - July 20, 2007

You’ve seen the series, prepare for the DVD. With all new unseen footage from Caution, Juice, Hawk, D-Mar, BC and Ghostridah, Street Handles is here to lay it down. Witness streetball in its rawest form with some of the nastiest Dunks and Ankle Breakers caught on tape. Phoenix’s Finest Streetball DVD is a 50 minute film guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Other featured players include Exile, Kodak and J Work. ..read more..

Knuke & Whyte Cloud make NBDL Pre-Draft Camp

BT - July 19, 2007

Miller Lite and the NBA Development League (D-League) today announced the 30 finalists of the “Miller Lite Go Pro Challenge,” the fan generated content promotion that gives aspiring players an unconventional way to pursue their dreams of playing professional basketball. The 30 winners each submitted a 3-minute highlight reel to NBA.com/gopro and earned their spot in the “Miller Lite 30-Pack.” All 30 winners will attend the NBA Development League Pre-Draft Camp presented by Miller Lite in Arlington, TX on July 28 and 29. ..read more..

Brothers bring Orchard Beach tourney into full bloom

BT - July 17, 2007

Orchard Beach is a two-hour bus ride from Rucker Park. It’s a 45-minute subway trip plus an hour-long bus transfer from Kingdome, and it’s even farther from W. 4th St. But last Sunday, the beach on Long Island Sound became the epicenter of New York City streetball. Hoops in the Sun, a summer tournament, held its annual All-Star game at Orchard Beach. The players included several luminaries of the scene: Kenny Satterfield, Steve (The Saga Continues) Burtt Jr. and Aaron (The Problem) Williams. ..read more..

Atlanta Krunk Reach Verbal Agreement With Professor

BT - July 17, 2007

Atlanta Krunk founder and acting GM Spyder D Hughes has reached a tentative agreement with the first signee in franchise history. Grayson Boucher (pronounced boo-shay), AKA The Professor of AND1 fame, has agreed in principle, to join the Krunk when his AND1 commitments have been fulfilled. “Mark Edwards (who has been the managing agent in preliminary talks for The Professor) and I have been discussing this possibility for a while, even before the signing of Kenny Anderson as Head Coach ..read more..