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Bone Collector vs Silk Part 3 of 3

BT - June 30, 2007

Once again Lacemasters has come through with another clip. This little one on one match up happened at the end of the same SBA Allstar game that was featured in Part 1 and 2. ..read more..

Bone Collector vs Silk Part 2 of 3

BT - June 30, 2007

Big ups to Lacemasters for hooking us up with another exclusive clip. This is the second part to the infamous SBA Allstars vs Baltimore Blazers game that happened on September 11 2004. If you were here back then you would of remembered the article about Silk dropping Bone Collector. Well heres the Video. ..read more..

Bone Collector vs Silk Part 1 of 3

BT - June 29, 2007

I just want to thank Lacemasters for hooking us up with the exclusive clip. Lacemasters is currently producing Bone Collectors DVD which will be released early September. If you want to find out more about the dvd go to www.lacemasters.info. Remember this clip is edited by Lacemasters and what is said and how the clip is edited in no way represents the views of streetballin.net. We are not partial to taking sides. ..read more..

Professor Interview

BT - June 27, 2007

With summer here and the new streetball season in full effect Streetballin.net caught up with The Professor as he prepares himself for the 2007 And1 mixtape tour.
BT. First up I want to thank you for taking some time out to answer a few question. I know your a busy man with the tour coming up so we appreciate you stopping by. United Streets of America, thats the theme for this years tour.How have you prepared yourself in the off season knowing you’ll be playing outdoors and touring less city’s?. ..read more..

Fontenette takes dunking to new heights

BT - June 25, 2007

T.J. Fontenette goes by several names, whether it’s his legal name, Taurian, or his “Air Up There” moniker from the AND1 Mixtape Tour. But ever since joining the Ball4Real Streetball Tour, he’s known simply as Mr. 720. Fontenette, 25, acquired the nickname after his 720-degree dunk in Houston last year, in which he made two full rotations in mid-air. The clip has made him an instant star on YouTube. ..read more..

Kids win at Antwan Scott game

BT - June 5, 2007

In most basketball games, you have to sit through the whole thing before you figure out who’s the winner. Not on Saturday. The second annual Antwan Scott Charity Basketball game made the children of New Bern winners before the first shot was even taken. Scott, a former Bear and Wake Forest basketball player, ..read more..