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Story of an LA Playground Legend

BT - February 21, 2006

The headlines say it all when you go to the website. “High School Junior Wins Player of the year”. “Lewis Wins Player of the Year for Second Time”. “Raymond Lewis Scores 73 points”. “Lewis Averages 54 points per game in Pro Summer League”. When you start learning about Los Angeles basketball legend Raymond Lewis, you begin to wonder how the ABA and NBA could let such a talent slip away. ..read more..

And1 Video Game

BT - February 3, 2006

And1 Video Game
Drops March 23rd
Staying True to the AND1 Mix Tape Tour,
Ubisoft Takes Sports Video Games to New Heights

AND1 Streetball is the ultimate basketball experience that features all the jaw-dropping moves of authentic streetball. Hit Rucker Park, Venice Beach, and all of streetball’s holy grounds against the entire roster of AND1 legends like The Professor, Hot Sauce, 1/2 Man 1/2 Amazing and AO. With unprecedented depth, freedom and control, AND1 Streetball is the new revolution in basketball gaming – giving players the opportunity to become the next streetball phenomenon. Create your own look,style and signature moves as you join the AND1 Mix Tape Tour – the world’s one and only true streetball competition where originality and the ability to electrify the crowds will get your name mentioned alongside the streetball legends.
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