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Streetball at Princeton

BT - April 26, 2005

“Blood, sweat and tears” gets a new meaning:
Princeton’s 2nd Annual 3vs3 Charity Streetball Tournament a big success in its second edition. If you weren’t there, you missed it. You missed it! A crowd of around 350 people didn’t miss it and they got to see the best Streetball action Jersey has to offer.DJ Skeet Dawg, a popular college DJ here in Jersey, was spinnin’ the turntables and puttin’ on some nice Rap, Hip Hop, Dancehall mix. Mad nice I’m telling ya. We had Ghost and C-Stan from Dime, Handlez and 4D from Local as well as Whole Lotta Game and the Commissioner’s Son from the Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC). ..read more..

YPA War 2 – Pre-Order Today

BT - April 6, 2005

Witness how YPA battles to keep streetball alive and wage war on supremecy. You will see the highest flying dunks, new moves and legendary battles from the best streetballers in the game today. This DVD also includes footage from the YPA Players Ball that features the most popular streetballers from your favourite crews. YPA isn’t protecting anyone in their crew and coming out bustin on anybody to stop them no matter how big they are.