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Half Man Half Amazing Interview

BT - July 30, 2004

1. All Streetball Franchise (5) Players: Fly Williams, Jumpin Jackie Jackson, Joe the Destroyer, The Goat, Pee Wee Kirkland.
2. Many say that the true streetballers only come from NYC. How does being from NYC influence the way you play? You gotta know whats going on around you. ..read more..

Exile Interview

BT - July 18, 2004

There is so much talk about YPA and And1. Some speculate that and1 doesn’t want other streetball companies rising so they try to hate. There are others that say YPA is riding on And1′s coat tails to blow up. Both fans are all riled up and angry at each other and opposing sides. How this beef between and1 and YPA got started no one really knows, but the fact is the real victim is Exile. throughout this whole fued he hasn’t said a word. . we asked him to do an interview last week and he chose to wait because of the possibility of them no showing him a positive light on the espn show. there was some scenes that showed tampering, other footage showed what roberto “exile” yong was capable of. he finally agreed to tell his side. ..read more..

2004 College Slam Dunk Competition

BT - July 16, 2004

Andre Emmett of Texas Tech took home the title, leaping over six children huddled in a group on his final dunk to beat out Bowden by two-tenths of a point. Emmett scored a near-perfect 59.4 on the jam. Bowden made the individual contest a team show by taking a Statue of Liberty handoff from teammate Tyler Newton in the semifinals. Then Bowden lept over Miah Davis, another teammate, in the finals.Part of the judging criteria was creativity. Emmett earned the only perfect score of the night in the semifinals by tossing a bounce pass to himself off the back wall. ..read more..

Kieran “Afroman” Lipa

BT - July 15, 2004

2006 College Dunk Competition

BT - July 15, 2004

Music: They don’t know by Pall Wall feat Mike Jones

Nate Robinson 2006 NBA Dunk Contest Mix

BT - July 15, 2004

Music: God with the Flow (instrumentals) by P-Money

Inner City Streetball Mix

BT - July 15, 2004

Music: The Xpedition (Instrumentals) by P-Money

Ultimate Exile Mix

BT - July 15, 2004

Music: 93 Invincible by CNN, All Out by The Team, Finger Paint by Zion